Come Cruise With Us! Runway picket line held at Alcatraz Cruises

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Pride @ Work, the Harvey Milk Club, and labor activists held a fabulous protest on Saturday June 19th to protest the firing of Vincent Atos from Hornblower/Alcatraz Cruises for organizing a union and allegedly acting “too gay.”

Since managers told Vincent before he was fired that he was acting “too gay” at work, we decided to have a picket that was “too gay” for Hornblower. Picketers dressed in sailor suits paraded down a red carpet runway dancing to the music of brass band.   Protesters got on the local news and were able to send a message to Alcatraz Cruises that we won’t tolerate union-busting and homophobia in San Francisco.

For more info please contact Josué Argüelles at: or call (415)699-2011